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A Thousand Naked downloadStrangers is a wonderful read. Author Kevin Hazzard does a phenomenal job guiding the reader from the mindset of a layperson into the mindset of an EMS professional. Mr. Hazzard details riveting accounts of calls that I believe many EMS professionals can relate to in addition to his experiences at different services and with different partners. Anyone who has been in this profession can understand burnout and the effect your partner can have on your attitude towards the career and people you serve. I feel that this book is not only a fun read for EMS professionals, but is a great option for any layperson who has ever wondered what it is we do, what we see, why we have our…unique sense of humor, or how we even end up in this crazy profession. EMS professionals come from all walks of life for many different reasons. Mr. Hazzard does a fantastic job of engrossing the reader in the book with a story progression that keeps you coming back for more.

Amber Henrie, Butler County EMS Paramedic


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